One step forward not two steps backward!

Ontario's Green Energy and Economy Act has catalyzed a massive increase in the amount of renewable energy coming online while building a clean energy industry in this province.

Ottawa (22 September 2011) - Labour unions, including the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE), social justice groups and environmental organizations - all a part of the Green Economy Network Canada (GEN) -  call for all candidates in the Ontario provincial election to stand behind the creation of green jobs and the switch from dirty energy to clean, renewable sources.

Tens of thousands of new environmentally beneficial jobs have been created in Ontario through the Green Energy and Economy Act, yet one candidate for premier, Tim Hudak, is aiming to kill the legislation.

The Act has been a step forward in making the shift to an authentic sustainable economy, which is becoming increasingly imperative in an age of climate change. However, this does not mean that improvements continue to be necessary.

While the Act includes provisions for mixed ownership options - public, private, community - the vast majority of the contracts so far have been with the private sector. If this Act is to serve to make an effective and smooth transition to a green economy future, a much higher percentage of public and community ownership is required.

In an age of climate change, all parties should exercise leadership by advocating ways to strengthen and improve this Act. If, however, we allow this legislation to be killed, we would be taking two steps backward. For the sake of our children and future generations, two steps backward would be far too costly!

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