Leadership Development

NUPGE's leadership development program


  "The best way to predict the future is to create it." 

Leadership activists and staff in the Components of the National Union today face unprecedented change and profound challenges in providing leadership and advocacy for working people and their families. Dramatic changes in the world economy, massive restructuring of our members’ workplaces and major shifts in the size and composition of the workforce demand new approaches to organizing, bargaining, servicing and union administration.

In 1998, the National Union designed a Leadership Development Program to meet these challenges. The Program, which continues to evolve based on the needs of our Components, aims to help our leadership activists and staff develop keener analytical, administrative and problem-solving skills, as well as discover ways to expand public understanding of the value and importance of unions.

Our Leadership Development Program consists of three elements:

Annual Leadership Schools 

The National Union holds two intensive week-long schools – the Leadership Development School which is held every year during the last week of August and the Staff Negotiators Leadership School which is held based on requests from several Components.

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Specialized Leadership Training Seminars

The National Union has been asked by several Components to develop and facilitate specialized training seminars for elected officers and/or a specific staff grouping. These seminars range from half-day workshops to week-long training sessions depending on the request. We utilize educational modules developed by the National Union that are tailored to meet the particular needs identified by a Component.

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The Components of the National Union offer an extensive union education program for their activists aimed at providing the basic skills and tools to become effective advocates. A great deal of the Components’ education program consists of basic tool courses ranging from shop steward training to occupational health and safety. From time to time, the National Union has been asked to supplement that training by offering activist-based training in a specialized area that has not been covered by our Components’ education programs. The following is a list of the National Union’s most current activist-based training seminars and workshops available.

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